» Goodbye from Derren Brown Confessions

Dear followers, 

It is with sadness that I inform you that Derren Brown Confessions will be closing at the end of this month (September 2014). 

I want to thank everyone who has contributed to this blog over the past three and a bit years, it’s been so much fun. Running this blog has had its ups and downs (but mostly ups), and I’m so thrilled to have received so many interesting and inspiring messages that have then gone on to become more than 600 confessions and brought in over 1,000 followers. Derren Brown Confessions won’t be deleted and everything posted will remain, but the now seldom-used ask and submit boxes will be deactivated and no more posts will be made. 

Any messages I receive between now and 23.59 this Friday 26 September 2014 will be made into the last confessions. 

Thank you for all the fun times.

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Will the blog be re-opening so we can confess about Infamous?

The blog isn’t closed, nobody is confessing!

Please do confess! 

Do we send you confessions anonymously and you turn them into a picture or can we send a picture in as fan mail and you post it anonymously?


You can:

  • Send an anonymous ask here and we will make it into an image, or
  • Submit an image here.

As long as they follow the confession guidelines it will get posted :)

(I’m not sure about fan mail.)

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Wait, derrens releasing a new book?? When?

The release date is probably still quite far off, but Derren has been writing it for a while now. He occasionally makes Twitter/Facebook posts about it, or his inspirations. Here’s some recent quotes from him about the book:

"I’m writing a book about happiness and what constitutes a happy and a good life. It’s set against much of the modern self-help tradition and tries to bring in ancient ideas, like those of the Stoics, from a time when philosophy was a practical thing about how we should live."

"I’m writing a book on happiness, but I don’t imagine it’ll be out until the end of next year (2015). I really enjoy writing, so I’m just letting it happen while I’m on tour, and then second half of the year when I’m back in London.”

“I’m writing a book about happiness. It’s an anti-self-help book. I find self-help books to be a bit anaemic, and not very effective. They can be self-defeating, damaging in a way.”

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