Hi, would you like any help in running this blog? I noticed you haven't posted for a while and am willing to help out if you need it.

Some help would be very much appreciated actually, seeing as I don’t have a lot of time to put into this blog any more (and that makes me sad). However whilst it’s so very kind of you to offer in the first place, I’d be very particular about the confessions being a certain way (and you’d need to have Photoshop) and I worry that having those specifications would annoy potential volunteers. If you’d still like to help though, please leave me a message off-anon and we can chat :)


You haven't posted a single confession in months. Why?

Read the last post. The post at the very top of this blog. 


Two months since the last confession have you guys given up on this blog?

Nope, never will give up on it either. There’s just lots of real life stuff happening at the moment that’s prevented me from having the time/energy to update this blog. But it will be back. 

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What are Derren's fans called?

I believe over the years there have been several name changes but there’s never really been a fan consensus. 

The earliest I’m aware of is “Derr-anged”, then “Brownie” and the newest would be “Derrener”. (Derren has shown a dislike for the Brownie name though, in the programme for Infamous, so maybe steer clear of that one!)

The safest way of course, to make it clear that you’re a fan of Derren’s, would be to use his full name :) 

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