Wait, derrens releasing a new book?? When?

The release date is probably still quite far off, but Derren has been writing it for a while now. He occasionally makes Twitter/Facebook posts about it, or his inspirations. Here’s some recent quotes from him about the book:

"I’m writing a book about happiness and what constitutes a happy and a good life. It’s set against much of the modern self-help tradition and tries to bring in ancient ideas, like those of the Stoics, from a time when philosophy was a practical thing about how we should live."

"I’m writing a book on happiness, but I don’t imagine it’ll be out until the end of next year (2015). I really enjoy writing, so I’m just letting it happen while I’m on tour, and then second half of the year when I’m back in London.”

“I’m writing a book about happiness. It’s an anti-self-help book. I find self-help books to be a bit anaemic, and not very effective. They can be self-defeating, damaging in a way.”

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